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Diving Deeper into Yoga

When one thinks about yoga, they may envision attending a class that involves movement through a series of yoga postures. This is a very important aspect of the yoga practice, but it is only one component of several that comprise the understanding of the yogic philosophy. Yoga is not completely defined by the movement performed […]

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The Importance of Asanas Beyond the Physical Body

Today when we think about yoga, many of us tend to think of it in terms of physical exercise,and it is often practiced as such. That is because modern culture has embraced this side ofyoga in particular since the early 90s, placing more focus on the postures, or asanas, whilecasting aside some of the philosophical

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The Yoga Flow

When starting a yoga practice, the focus is initially about your body. The physical aspect of yoga is the appealing nature that attracts people to step onto the yoga mat. If you’re looking to gain more flexibility in your hamstrings, relieve tension in your tight back, or even gain some upper body strength or lose

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